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About Me

Basic Info

  • Name: Aleem Isiaka
  • Country: Nigeria
  • State: Lagos
  • Profession: Software Developer
  • Highest Education: HND (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Links: Facebook Twitter Github

Employment History

  • Dating Kinky

    Location: New York, US
    Starting Position: Junior Frontend Web Developer
    Current Position: Full Stack Web Developer
    Start/End Date Dec. 2017 - Present
    Experience Summary: I learnt all that I could say that I know about modern web development working with this Company. Using state of the art technologies and working with great minds helped me to gain a good insight about web development
  • Africoders Network

    Location: Lagos, Nigeria
    Starting Position: Web Developer Intern
    Leaving Position: Junior Web Developer
    Start/End Date Dec. 2016 - Dec. 2017
    Experience Summary: This is my own genesis as far as web development and general programming is concerned. I was previlege to watch senior developers code and mentor me correcting my mistakes. My take home here was developing a web application for a state government. It broadens my knowledge and gave me the insight that I needed to move forward.


  • This Space

    I have always wanted to create a space where I could share my little knowledge and expertise, and a place where other people would come to find resources for themselves.

    I tried WordPress which worked fine during the first few months, but could not give me the level of comfort I needed, so, I thought, it was time to move to Gatsby, and here we are. Blazing fast, SEO Optimized, super easy customization what more do I need?

  • Learning Erlang

    I do hear about the beauty of this language for concurrent distributed systems. I don't have in mind to create one, but I mind creating efficient chat systems, so I thought, why not try it.

    I went in barely Nov. 2019, and by two months in, I could read and write Erlang languages efficiently.

    To solidify my understanding of the language, I built an ICE server for WebRTC audio and video calling. Check Erlang ICE Server

    It was fun!!!

  • Joining Open Source

    Nope, I have not contributed to all the repositories and projecs you have in mind, but, check My Work's page to see the amount of libraries that I have available for free to the world

    These libraries give people satisfaction every day, and that is where my joy comes from. I am mentioning this, in case you care to ask, :smiles:

  • Interning At Africoders Network

    I love technology, and I would do whatever that it might require to make me explore it.

    One of my unforgettable days is the day that I first stepped in Africoders Network and shooking Anthony Ogundipe, I felt like my dreams came through, and it did.

    This begins my journey to being a software developer. Like Genesis is to Bible, Africoders Network is to my Developer's Journey


I enjoy learning and trying out new things. I enjoy adventuring new areas and ideas.

These seem natural to me, due to the fact that I spend most my time asking questions and few times seeking for the answers that I am yet to find.

I enjoy science, I LOVE technology. I respect God, he takes a top priority, I give as much as I can and live everyday as I would live my last day on earth.